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1R Commerce

Spree Commerce

Full functionality set for an online shop built by conventional stabdards.


Spree Commerce

Spree Commerce

Spree Commerce is one of the largest Open Source projects in the world, not only in electronic commerce, but also in other fields. No platform can offer such reliability. Furthermore modularity allows one to adjust, update or replace particular pieces of functionality, so that you could build a shop of your dream.

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is the basis for creation of a complex project with specific features. Quality and user-friendliness of a product, reduced development time and costs, easy adjustment and enhancement - these are the advantages for the customers and end users.


1C platform

1C is not just a tribute to technology or fashion, it is an indispensable tool for record-keeping in any organization, company, and business of different scale, fields and profiles. Thanks to single platform there is high development standardization, full projects scalability, and fast implementation in all application solutions.


According to global trends 70% of all business deals are one way or another conducted with the help of the Internet. So we decided to keep up and offer a fast, reliable and user-friendly solution based on Spree Commerce and 1C. Spree in this case serves as a web shop window and 1C is used as platform for data storage. Both components have their own advantages, and when combined they provide the golden mean, which is rather difficult to achieve.

The advantages of the solution include stability of 1C platform, speed and convenience of development when using Ruby on Rails, a lot of out-of-the-box solutions in the basic Spree Commerce version.'

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Our developments

Full integration and no limited solutions, that have flooded the market. From filling the goods catalogue with 1C data to data exchange in real time. As you see it’s way better than constant files exchange for data update both on the shop side and on the side of 1C.

We have implemented new functionality, that expands basic Spree version features, that is: static pages management, expansion of roles functionality and shop control panel access levels, shop brands management, goods video reviews management, banner sales system.

Spree is a user-friendly product. But there is always room for perfection. We enhanced AJAX implementation so that full page reload can now be avoided. First and foremost it affected page-by-page output, operations with table elements, including drag&drop, from the shop control panel side.

Today it is an essential requirement, as the majority of users have mobile devices, and overlooking this fact means losing a substantial sum of money, which is hardly a goal to achieve for any entrepreneur. Adaptive design based on Bootstrap, one of the most popular frameworks, looks great both on small and large screens of mobile devices.

Questions and Answers

Does your engine have the following functionality …?
Probably, it does. If it doesn’t we will develop one for your special benefit.

What about SEO optimization?
JetRuby Agency doesn’t provide such services, but we perfectly understand SEO requirements for an online shop. So the basic version of the engine has all the things needed: semantic html page code, automatic and manual headline and meta-tags generation, sitemap.xml generation, micro-markdown tags, additional SEO texts placement etc.

Do you have enough experience and capabilities to implement a large project?
Yes, we do have enough experience in developing and optimizing projects with big number of products and traffic. Thanks to agile Spree architecture one can adapt to your particular line of goods. We also know how to provide the fastest generation of pages with large amounts of different content and we do know how to optimize page loading.

What advantages do you offer when comparing with Magento, OpenCart, PrestaShop, Bitrix and other popular engines?
The main difference is that we offer a service package instead of a product, which means we create an out-of-the-box solution (an online shop). We are a team of skilled developers with our own groundwork, that’s why we have much more capabilities in terms of customizing existing features and implementation of the new ones, while other developers are bound by the limitations of an out-of-the-box engine. In other words we can create a website with fully custom functionality, exactly as you would want it to be. Moreover, we can optimize and rewrite any line of code or database query if necessary, thus enhancing the online shop’s productivity. And the most important thing: if something is broken, we won’t blame the engine for the failure, saying that it’s not our fault. We are fully responsible for the operability of the online shops we create.

What guarantees do you provide?
We guarantee full technical operability of the shop for the entire period of it's existing. We will fix any problems on the shop side, that will occur due to our fault for free.

I want to update a shop, that already exists. Can you move a goods database of the old shop to a new one?
Yes, we can. We are experienced in moving a goods catalogue from an old and outdated CMS.

What is the pricing for maintenance?
The basic maintenance is free. It includes shop monitoring, technical malfunctions fixing and consulting services regarding the online shop management. Extra charges will be required only in case if new features are developed.

What’s the pricing for developing new features?
It’s 49$ per hour, depending on time estimates. If the developed functionality is of use for our future clients and we are able to include it into the engine’s basic version, it will cost you much less.

How much time does it take to develop a basic version of an online shop?
It takes 40 working hours, not including additional functionality and custom design

What is needed for the project to start?
Contact us in any way convenient to you. After that we discuss all details, make a plan and cost estimate of the project.

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